What We Believe



Much of what we do is fueled by the unconscious stories we hold about ourselves and others. When these stories are negative we pull away from others and reach for self protection. The more chronically we self protect the more blind we become to ourselves and others and the more isolated and un-satisfied we become on the inside.


People grow and heal through connectionWhen we are connected with we feel more whole and real and alive. In connection we are more secure to recognize feelings, we normally ignore, and trust others with them. Over time connection allows for new insight and growth.



Counseling is a more short term or spaced out treatment for families, couples or individuals who want to work on a few things.

Psychotherapy ("healing of the soul") is a dedicated time for you to be listened to and understood deeply so that you can take back your story from the unconscious/unsatisfying patterns of believing and relating that hold you back. 

Psychoanalysis is like psychotherapy only more. People seek analysis ("soul examination") to relate better, heal from trauma and deep hurts as well as to liberate from persistent but hidden things that block them from living a satisfying life.