Faith Statement

People often ask about my faith. Sometimes this is to find out if they will be able to bring their faith safely into counseling and therapy.  Other times, people ask me that to find out if they can trust me to honor them and to not shove my own beliefs onto them.

The answer is, yes. 

I am a Christian (I come from an evangelical background). The best way to describe the care I offer in light of my faith is to say that I am an integrationist. This means I believe God works in natural and supernatural ways. Meaning that I believe God created, and continues to create, through perpetuating orders (i.e. the laws of physics, the natural ways our bodies and minds develop and work, etc.) as well as that God can and does break through those orders as need be (i.e. miracles can happen, prayer works, etc.). 

What does this mean for therapy? It means that while I welcome talking through faith issues (or any part of a person's life) I do not explicitly bring faith in unless I am asked to. This is because through working with the natural orders of the human psyche I see myself as partnering with God's established ways in order to help people become more human. A process which inherently brings out core virtues such as: honesty, trust, assertiveness, courage, self-esteem, grace, empathy, and love in people. All of which I see as echos of God in this world.

That said, I work with people of all creeds and orientations and I always recognize my role as counselor or therapist, not pastor.