What to Expect

Coming to therapy can be anxiety provoking. This can be especially true if it's been hard to just to make the appointment itself. Knowing a little bit about what to expect can help.

Is this Confidential?

My records and financial transactions are HIPAA compliment. None of your information will be sold or accessed by anybody outside of myself. Additionally, all that we talk about will be protected by confidentiality. For more details and information on how this works please see the informed consent and counseling policies in full download available on the Prices and Policies page.

What is the cancellation policy?

Due to the difficulty of re-scheduling without much notice I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Meaning, if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment for reasons other than sickness, personal or family emergencies or bad weather you will be charged in full for the missed session. To ensure this process I require all patient's to keep a card on file. Your card info will be kept electronically in a HIPAA compliant way.

How do I begin the process?

Reach out! Whether by clicking on the Schedule An Appointment button on the home page or contacting me via the contact page or by texting, calling or emailing. 

What is the parking situation like?

Parking at my building can be a bit funny. There is one long parking lot in front of the building. Parking spots are always available but sometimes you end up midway or further back. So, it's a good idea to remember coats, umbrellas, etc. when coming in weather. 

How do I find your office?

Take the elevator to the third floor. Turn left out of the elevator and then an immediate right down the hall. My door is the second on the right. The name plate outside my door reads, "Aaron Mitchum, MA, LPC". Come right on in, the first room is a waiting room (see pictures on the 'About' page). If my door is not open, I am either doing paper work or in session. I will come out to you at our appointment time. I usually run very close to on time, although I have been known to run up to 10 minutes late. There is a small children's play area in the waiting room as well as four individual chairs and reading material. 

What will the waiting room process be like?

After I've come out to get you in the waiting room we'll walk into the therapy room and you'll be offered a seat wherever you prefer (people often assume that the chair is where I have to sit and the couch is where they have to sit, that's not necessarily true, I'm very comfortable sitting in any of the furniture during the session). 

What will the first session be like?

Sessions are 50 minutes (although, often I prefer to schedule two sessions (100 minutes) for initial sessions for couples). In the initial session, after the paper work is completed, I will direct you to tell me about what brings you in. If you would like more prompting than that I will be happy to do so. If it is a couples session I will be looking for more personal history from each of you in the midst of hearing what the issues are. This is so I can frame up how your issues make sense in light of your respective stories. If it is an individual session I will likely seek personal history more in the second and third sessions. At the end of the initial session I will offer what I have understood and what I see our work as being and you are welcomed to take what I say and correct or amend as needed. Often this part is fluid, we go back and forth to find the right style and pace for the situation. 

How will I be viewed by Aaron?

I care deeply about the people I work with. I seek to hear your thoughts, emotions and behaviors from the perspective of your whole self and story not just an isolated moment or behavior. I work to see the health in people and understand why they think, feel and do what they do from that perspective. Does that mean that I am just a kind person? Nope. There is a definite method to my madness, I work hard to understand and respond to you in ways that help you feel comfortable enough and empowered enough to face some of the issues frustrating your life. I also walk through those issues with you, helping you understand them and get better.