All clinicians, except Aaron and counselors in training, are independent contractors for Analog so prices can vary from therapist to therapist. Some offer a sliding scale and some do not. Some offer packages and some do not. See the “Our Team” page for more info on what each therapist’s prices are.



We do not take any insurance. You can seek super bills from your therapist individually though. Counselor in training sessions are not eligible for super bills.

Accepted Payment Forms

Cash, Check & Cards


Payment is due in full each session unless a package is in use, then payment is due in full at the initiation of the therapy package. There are no refunds on unused sessions from packages.

We do not have a payment plan option.


Each therapist has a 24 hour cancellation policy meaning if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled time or don’t show up at all you will still be billed for the entire appointment. In order to secure this option we require all patients to keep a card on file.


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