Initial session: $65

Regular Session: $125

Intern sessions: $25

CO-THERAPY WITH AARON & INTERN: $80 (option only available to couples, limited space)



5  Sessions — $575 ($115/session)

10  Sessions — $1,050 ($105/sessioN)

15 Sessions — $1,425 ($95/session)



We do not take insurance. However, we do offer billable receipts or "super bills" that you can turn into your insurance company for potential "out of network" benefits. Although, I cannot guarantee that your insurance company will accept these so, if this is an important aspect for you, please check with your insurance company first. Also, please be advised that to create a super bill we are required to make a diagnosis and that in the case of couples or family therapy one person must be identified as the "patient" since insurance companies don't recognize a systems approach to therapy. We are happy to send you our license number and national provider number if you'd like to check on availability for reimbursement. 

Accepted Payment Forms

Cash, Check, Debit and Major Credit Cards (people often use their HSA cards)


Payment is due in full each session unless a package is in use, then payment is due in full at the initiation of the therapy package.

We do not have a payment plan option.


We have a 24 hour cancellation policy meaning if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled time you will still be billed for the appointment. If we can reschedule within the current work week however there is no charge for the missed time. In order to secure this option we require all patients to keep a card on file with me. Cards will be stored electronically in a HIPAA compliant way via a company called, Ivy.


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