Counseling Interns

Interns can be a terrific way to seek a more affordable therapy. They are top notch in their care because they are so immersed in studying to be a mental health worker that they are primed with knowledge and they have at least three people watching over their work (a clinical supervisor (that would be Aaron in this case), a professor supervisor and a supervision class in which they are in a group supervision setting). All of which means that you get at least three minds thinking about you and caring for you. Elise is currently in training at Mid-America Nazarene University. You can schedule with her directly, her contact info is below, or through the 'Contact' page.


Elise Sanders, Counseling Intern

Kurt Nichols Analog Counseling

BIO: We all live our lives in relationship with others and our environment. These relationships are the building blocks of our lives, and therefore our sense of self. We are molded by the ways in which we relate to our friends, family, community, and culture. I hope to create and maintain an environment of safety and acceptance where the impact of these relationships can be identified and explored in a way that brings personal insight and healing. My education includes a B.S. in Intercultural Communication, a certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution from Missouri State University and a M.A. in Counseling from MidAmerica Nazarene University, with a projected graduation date of May 2018.

Kurt will be joining our team in January 2018. Contact him today to set up an initial appointment.

           Kurt Nichols, Counseling Intern