From time to time I am invited to speak at local events like MOPS, Building Better Moms, Educator Training Days or Youth Worker Training Days. When speaking, I try to offer helpful and practical information as well as a lot of free Q & A around whatever people are dealing with in their lives. Usual I'm asked to speak about relationships, parenting or teens and deliberate self harm. If you are interested in having me out, please use the contact page.


Good Enough Parenting, Overland Park, KS.

Good Enough Parenting is a multiple week workshop primarily for parents of 2-12 years olds although it does touch on info for infancy and teenage years as well. It can be split up into weeks or days and is full of dynamic teaching, slides, movies, interactive experiences, stories and tons of Q&A. If you are interested in having me come in and do this workshop please contact me through the contact page.

Parenting can be such an isolating experience. Everyone has ideas about how to be the perfect parent and yet none of us are. The reality is, we all fail and succeed with our kids. Good Enough Parenting comes from a child development background. It’s about understanding what our kiddo’s needs are, how they express those healthy needs and how we can gain better self control ourselves in order to respond in ways that help them develop. It is not a workshop for perfect parents, nor will it make you a perfect parent. It is a space for normal struggling parents to learn more about how tuning into our kids, no matter what life stage they’re in, and responding with love will be good enough to help them to survive and thrive.

Topics Covered:

  • What do we do with these kids?: learning what parenting with empathy in mind is and how to practically apply it
  • Looking under the hood part one: understanding attachment and our children's brain development in order to work with it, not against it
  • Looking under the hood part two: discovering how our own stories of development impact our self control with our kiddos and how to stop our autopilot responses and gain better emotional balance in the midst of our kids pushing our buttons with their big emotions. 
  • Learning the Essential Skill: diving deep with the rupture and repair process
  • Discipline (A.K.A. Discipleship): shaping our kids (and saving our sanity!) through our attuned responses to them in their time of need as well as how and when to set limits.